Working a 9-5 After 25 Years Self Employed

Published on 13 April 2024 at 07:26

Life has taken a wild turn! After being the boss lady of my own gig for over 25 years, I find myself back in the rat race, navigating the treacherous waters of interviews, cubicles, and colleagues half my age.  Thankfully, it's been a journey filled with more laughs than tears – though there've been plenty of those too!

But, here I am, strutting into interviews with the confidence of a seasoned entrepreneur, only to be met with raised eyebrows and skeptical glances. Apparently, folks think I'm about to collect my pension and ride off into the sunset, leaving them high and dry after they've invested in training me. Come on, just because I remember the days of the rotary phone doesn't mean I'm ready to retire to a life of bingo and shuffleboard!

And, of course I'm always the oldest in the office. It's like I'm the resident sage, dispensing wisdom and life advice between coffee breaks. I swear, every time someone drops a curse word, they shoot me a look of horror like they just insulted their grandma's sweet potato pie. But hey, I'll take the respect – even if it comes with a side of pity.

All kidding aside, the struggle is real when you've got bills to pay and dreams to chase. Gone are the days of relying on one steady paycheck; now I'm all about that hustle life.  I'm juggling multiple gigs like a seasoned circus performer. From my 9-5 grind to launching new businesses and auditioning for acting roles, I'm spinning plates like nobody's business – and loving every stressful minute of it.

Pursuing an acting career at this stage of the game? It's like trying to learn how to salsa dance in stilettos – challenging, painful at times, but oh-so-rewarding when you finally nail that routine. Sure, I may not be the youngest chick in the audition room, but I bring a lifetime of experiences, emotions, and sass that no fresh-faced newbie can match.

So here's to embracing the absurdity of starting over, to laughing in the face of ageism, and to proving that us seasoned sisters still got it goin' on. Life may throw us curveballs, but we'll just knock 'em out the park with style, grace, and humor. After all, who said getting older can't be the funniest, most exhilarating chapter of all?  Let's go!

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