Waist Beads

Looking for a unique way to bond with your friends and loved ones while adorning your waist with beautiful African-inspired body jewelry? Book an African Waist Bead Party!

I started wearing waist beads 2 years ago and I love it.  Wearing them makes me feel sexy. Be sure to check out my "The Allure & Benefits of African Waist Beads" Blog Post.   It's linked at the bottom of this page.


But there are lots of other reasons to wear them and they are mostly personal. At our party, you and your guests will be educated on the history, purpose, and meaning of waist beads. Your guests can purchase their own waist beads and have them tied on. Or they can place a custom order for beads that are meaningful to them. As the host of the party, you will receive 3 complimentary strands of African Waist Beads and have them attached.

Booking your African Waist Bead Party is easy. A non-refundable booking fee of $100 is required to lock in your party date, and the remaining balance is due one week before your party. Pricing starts at $200 for up to 2 hours – presentation and tying. We can also travel to your location! Contact us about options for long-distance parties.

Remember, there are no age, size, or weight restrictions to wearing waist beads. Everyone deserves to feel loved, heard, seen, and beautiful! Our parties offer a unique experience that promotes sisterhood, love, beauty, and pride. Make plans for your event today, and we'll incorporate the beauty of waist beads into any occasion.

A Waist Bead Party is an occasion that can be paired with your special day or holiday event. You and your guests will learn the history, culture, and tradition of wearing waist beads, make personal selections, and be adorned. Reserve us for your next Waist Bead/Jewelry Party, Birthday, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Blessing, Family Reunion, Moving up/out party, housewarming, Promotion, Graduation, Rite of Passage, Divorce, or Life-Change event.

Women and girls of all backgrounds are welcome to be educated, adorned, and empowered at our parties. Our waist beads are made to fit all sizes and make the party and beading process run smoothly.

Waist Bead Parties start with a consultation so that we can set intentions for the waist beads. We'll arrive at your event with a wide range of waist beads available for purchase by your guests.

Waist beads are an ancient tradition of sacred adornment that have been used to increase fertility, prosperity, symbolize feminism, and manage weight. They were also used in rites of passage ceremonies for young girls once they start their cycle.

We also provide private African Waist Bead purchase and tying services.

So why wait? Book your African Waist Bead Party today and experience the beauty and empowerment of this ancient tradition!