Allow me to introduce myself. . .

I'm Keema, also known as "Grandma Gone Wild"! Explore the journey of a seasoned entrepreneur, loving mother of two, and proud grandmother to nine, as I pursue my acting dreams, share past accomplishments, delve into entrepreneurial ventures, and connect as a social media influencer.

Aspiring Actor

From Game Shows to Reality Shows to Commercials to Television Shows,

Consider Me!


Social Media Influencer

I'm on most platforms but I'm most active on TikTok.


Serial Entrepreneur

I started my first business at 10 years old. There's no stopping me!



Grandma Gone Wild, a moniker that embodies my vibrant and adventurous spirit, encapsulates my fearless approach to life and my unwavering love for my family.

Waist Bead Parties

An African Waist Bead Party is a unique and empowering way to bond with friends and family while adorning your waist with beautiful African-inspired body jewelry. The party includes an educational presentation and waist bead tying.

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Arlington, Texas, United States