Aspiring Actor


I invite you to delve into my journey in the world of entertainment. From my early days as a contestant on iconic The Newlywed Game, to my recent endeavors such as appearing as a background worker in an Oil & Gas commercial, my passion for acting knows no bounds. Each role I've undertaken has been a steppingstone in my quest to captivate audiences.


But my aspirations extend beyond the screen; they encompass a desire to continuously hone my craft, explore diverse roles, and leave a lasting impact in the realm of acting.  I am determined to carve my path in the entertainment industry. Whether it's through emotive storytelling, character immersion, or the thrill of live performances, I am ready to embrace every opportunity that comes my way and showcase the depth of my talent.


As I embark on this exciting journey as an aspiring actor, here's a glimpse of my past experiences:


- *Squid Game: The Challenge*
Role: Cast Member
Year: 2023

- *You Bet Your Life*
Year: 2022
Role: Contestant
Host: Jay Leno

- *Supermarket Sweep*
Year: 2001
Role: Contestant
Host: David Ruprecht

- *Supermarket Sweep*
Year: 2000
Role: Contestant
Host: David Ruprecht

- *Newlywed Game*
Year: 1996
Role: Contestant
Host: Bob Eubanks

- *Oil & Gas Commercial*
Year: 2024
Role: Background Worker - Played Doctor

- *The Montell Williams Show*
Year: 2006
Role: Guest


Join me on this exhilarating journey as I chase my dreams, embrace new challenges, and celebrate the magic of storytelling.  Thank you for being a part of this incredible adventure!